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Nutrify®: Performance Ingredient Solutions
Our History
Nutrify, LLC began as the purchasing division of Wenger Feeds. For years, the team worked to procure grains, commodities, and ingredients for Wenger Feeds nine milling locations. Through the relationships developed with producers, suppliers, customers, nutritionists, and research universities, the group was able to learn, evolve, and grow. In 2015, the division was separated from Wenger Feeds and consolidated under the holding company, The Wenger Group.

Today, Nutrify supplies conventional and organic ingredients to animal feed manufacturers throughout the Northeast United States. Located in historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the company works with suppliers to distribute ingredients for poultry and swine feeds. With product sizes ranging from bag to bulk and pickup and delivery availability at its convenient warehouse location in Manheim, the Nutrify team looks forward to helping you, your customers, and animals grow through Performance Ingredient Solutions.

If you are interested in joining our team, you can find openings at The Wenger Group’s Career page.

Nutrify®: Performance Ingredient Solutions

About Us
A member of The Wenger Group, Nutrify®, LLC provides feed ingredients to mills throughout the Northeast United States. The company also partners with ingredient manufacturers to test innovative ingredients for poultry and swine.

Our Mission
Providing Performance Ingredient Solutions