EssentialChoice™ Organic Layer Premix TOTAL
We’re proud to offer Organic EssentialChoice™ premixes. Get the sound nutritional package of vitamins and trace minerals found in our full feeds packaged in bags and totes to simplify the manufacturing of organic feeds.

Using a premix eliminates the need to stock an assortment of micro ingredients and can enhance feed quality by providing more accurate and uniform nutrient distribution. In addition, each purchase of Organic EssentialChoice™ premix is backed with technical support and customizable diet guidelines to ensure that the appropriate formulation is achieved for optimal flock health.

The TOTAL version of our organic EssentialChoice™ line is an all-inclusive organic premix that’s more than just a complete source of vitamins and minerals. This premix includes:

Methionine: DL-methionine is included within the defined permissible limit (2 lbs.) according to the National Organic Standards Board to promote maximum flock health and egg laying efficiency.

Prebiotics: Non-digestible yeasts aid the bird’s colon by supplying nutrients to important microbes. Additionally, harmful pathogens attach to the yeast rather than a bird’s intestines. Since the yeast is non-digestible, these pathogens are excreted along with them.

Probiotics: Also known as a Direct Fed Microbial (DFM), a live probiotic can help improve a bird’s intestinal balance. By attaching to the intestinal mucosa, these beneficial bacteria produce enzymes that stimulate immunity and block harmful pathogenic bacteria.

Phytase: Helps to release indigestible phosphorus found in ingredients like corn that usually pass through the digestive tract intact. Including a phytase also helps reduce the inclusion of other forms of phosphorus, which can therefore reduce feed costs and lower the amount of phosphorus in the litter making it more environmentally friendly.

Non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes: NSP enzymes work with a bird’s digestive tract to break apart fibrous starches found in small grains to release energy, which is the most costly component of a diet.