EssentialChoice™ Layer Premix
We’re proud to offer EssentialChoice™ premixes. Get the sound nutritional package of vitamins and trace minerals found in our full feeds packaged in bags and totes to simplify the manufacturing of conventional or organic feeds.

Using a premix eliminates the need to stock an assortment of micro ingredients and can enhance feed quality by providing more accurate and uniform nutrient distribution. In addition, each purchase of EssentialChoice™ premix is backed with technical support and customizable diet guidelines to ensure that the appropriate formulation is achieved for optimal flock health.

EssentialChoice™ layer premix is a standard, conventional VTM layer premix with phytase to help release phosphorus found in ingredients like corn. Increasing the availability of natural plant phosphorus enables the reduction of the supplemental forms in diets, which can help lower feed costs. More efficient use of natural phosphorus also reduces the undigested content of this mineral that is normally excreted.